Action packed novel.  I hope this one goes to the movies.”

                            -- 5 Star Review on Goodreads

 I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am a Payne Harrison fan and will continue to be.  I eagerly await his next novel!”

                             -- 5 Star Review on Amazon

 Who needs Mulder and Scully?!  Suspenseful action scenes, great military research and flashes of imagination abound in this one.  Read it for yourself and enjoy!

                             -- Nick Warren

                                 Author of Resurgence



 “Colonel, I . . . I . . . think you’d better look at this.”

    In a granite fortress near Colorado Springs lies the nerve center of America's early warning system.  Known as Cheyenne Mountain, it conceals a small army of technicians who sweep the skies with their sensors, searching for any threat to national security.  Reporting for duty on a cold December night, NORAD intelligence officer Frank Hannon considers the graveyard shift inside the Mountain to be strictly routine.  This time, it isn't.  Four unidentified aircraft are sited and tracked on a controlled descent over North America.  Hannon quickly alerts his superiors.  The official response--or lack of it--is puzzling.  Now, with forty-seven days before his retirement, Hannon launches his own investigation.  A strange and startling journey that will take him through a twisting maze of government lies to a desolate summit on a desert mesa.  There, far from public eyes, the truth is waiting . . .