Séverine duVaal

We first met Séverine duVaal in EUROSTORM. There she came to the attention of the Defense Intelligence Agency, which prepared a Top Secret Dossier on her background. (Click on photograph for classified access to the dossier.) She will link up with Major Ross Jessup in future adventures.

Ross Jessup

In America's Team we meet Army Major Ross Jessup for the first time.  Raised on a ranch in South Texas and formerly with the Army's Delta Force, he recently joined a select team operating with a hyper-secret charter from the Oval Office.  Via covert means, the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency obtained a copy of the Russian FSB spy agency's dossier on the major.  (Click on photograph for classified access to the dossier.)  You can count on seeing Ross Jessup in future adventures


Behind the Scenes

Bringing a character to life is a collective enterprise of talent, inspiration AND perspiration!  Go behind the scenes and learn about how our creative team brought verine duVaal to life by clicking on the photo shoot picture.

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